Choosing your Blinds

With an incredible range of fabrics and several styles of blinds from Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds, Thermofelx Blinds, Wooden Blinds and Vertical Blinds blinds you can be sure you will find the best choice when it comes to your decor. 

When choosing the perfect product for your needs the first thing that it comes into consideration its where the blinds are going to be installed, after this first step then decide how much light ad what are your privacy needs for you and your family.

Once you made the decision on location, light control and privacy you can then move on to selecting the type of blind that is more in sync with your décor.


Here is a list of things to consider


Light and privacy will be the main factor, decide where you want the blinds installed and how much light and privacy for the specific room, sheer fabrics for leaving areas to allow some air and light making the room more spacious or a complete blackout for bedrooms for a confortable night sleep.


Define a budget to be able to narrow down on a specific price range, basic styles with standard colours will be pocket friendly, where luxury items or high performance on insulation products will have an added cost.


What is your style, is it modern, formal, casual, chic?  Look through the finishes like sleek, metallic and sparkly items are always a modern choice, where patterns and textures will give more of a chic flair to a room.


Cleaning time should also be considered, when a Blind style is made of some many moveable parts it like Venetian Blinds or Vertical Blinds it will require more attention as opposed to a Roller Blind, which is basically a straight panel of fabric making it difficult for dust to accumulate.


Safety when choosing your style of blinds also to be considered, specially if you have small children, we offer a range of cordless systems but also all our products are offered with safety cleats.


A short description on each product style to help you


Venetian Blinds, from a manufacture point of view all blinds with horizontal slats are considered to be venetian blinds and they can be split in different categories as Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Fauxwood (PVC ) Blinds and Wooden Blinds. Prices will increase in that same order.
Venetian blinds are great as they offer more control for light direction and privacy, made with tilter control so you can position the slats and direct the light to a desired position and a pull cord for when you want an unobstructed view to the outside.


Roller Blinds consist of a fabric panel that rolls up into a tube, control by 1 side control in a chain system, literally thousands of choices in fabrics, colours, textures, patterns and insulating options. They are also categorized in 3 different privacy styles:

Sunscreens or Sunshades provide light transmission and UV protection, they in most cases will allow a view to the outside and daytime privacy.
Light Filters or Translucent fabrics will give you full privacy during day or night but still allow light through, it defuses light as frosted glass.
Blackouts will completely block any light passing through the fabric and full privacy any time of the day or night.


Roman Blinds are very similar to Roller Blinds, the main difference is that this style is made in sections that will fold to the top giving a cascade look, made in many cases with the same fabrics as Roller Blinds but also with many other softer fabrics used in the Curtain industry.
Control styles vary from cord systems, chain styles or cordless systems.


Thermoflex Blinds are very sleek also made with a variety of fabrics in a cell shape. Most efficient style of window covering that will provide the best insulation results. Also with a range of different control styles from corded, cordless, top down bottom up and different cell sizes as 25mm, 35mm, double cells.


Vertical Blinds are very similar to Venetian Blinds, but as the name says the slats on this style are placed Vertically and most cases made of fabrics. Once again the fabrics used come in a variety of options and most case same styles as Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds. Able to control light direction with a tilt control or completely move the vertical blades out of the way for a clear view.



Still not sure what its right for you, pop s an email or use our live chat during business our and one of our agents will assist you.

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